Pesky Peg Problems Solved!

If you are a string player, teacher or student, you’ve probably encountered some pretty pesky pegs in your time. You know that frustration when a peg wont stay put and the string just wont stay in tune?! I see you all nodding your head knowingly. I’ve heard of remedies from graphite to rosin to chalk and believe you me, I’ve tried them all.

Well, after years of experimentation and advice sourced from the best, I can hereby proclaim solutions that work! 4 solutions to be correct, ranging from a free DIY trick to the new, revolutionary Planetary Peg:

1. Well-strung strings: Are you stringing your pegs to work for you? Try this nifty trick that pulls your pegs into the peg-box keeping them firmly in place.   

2. Peg paste: If your pegs are stubbornly set in place, resistant to your tuning efforts, try a little wood lubricant. Hill Peg Paste ($15.20) is specifically designed for this task.

3. Peg reshape: If your pegs just don’t seem to be working out, regardless of your stringing and pasting efforts, they may not be fitting into your peg-box appropriately. Your favourite luthier should be able to refit your pegs within an hour at a price point between $11-$55 a peg (prices vary between instruments). A well-fitted peg will feel effortless to tune, well worth the dosh!

4. Planetary Pegs: Have you ever dreamt of a peg that was as easy to tune as a fine tuner? Yup, so have I. So have thousands of stringies all over the world. Well, our day has come! The Planetary Peg glides inside the peg-box as you tune with absolutely no effort required to set in place. They are so easy to use that your youngest students would easily be able to tune without your assistance (perhaps you might still want to lend your ears, though). You can check them out on the Planetary Pegs website or pop into Animato Strings in Kelvin Grove to try them for yourselves.

Well stringies, let’s hear what you think:

Have you tried these solutions before?

What do you think of the amazing new Planetary Peg?

Do you have any other nifty solutions to zap those pesky peg problems?


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