My Heart Breaks for Queensland Music …

Musicians privileged enough to grow up through the Queensland music education system, myself included, will most likely recall the determinations and delights of preparations for their Fanfare performances and MOST (Musically Outstanding STudents) training.

When prompted, I often get lost in the fond memories of my experiences and the pride of my achievements. I remember looking admirably at our school fanfare trophies and portraits hung in our school office, full of inspiration and school spirit. I remember the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment after hearing that I was selected to participate in the 2001 MOST program (I was 1 of only 5 cellos that got in!).

So, it was with a heavy heart that I learnt about cuts to both programs from the government budget. I will always have the memories of my experiences but my students and my children will not share that privilage. Undiscovered talents of truly exceptional minds may continue to lay dormant in our schools, deprived of the chance to flourish under such fertile circumstances.
Currently, our courses of action is limited but there are options available to those that have some fighting spirit:

1. Sign the e-petition:

2. Send an email to the Premier’s Office:

3. Follow up with a phone call saying – I just sent a letter – please put my phone call on record – 07 3224 4500

4. THEN – hard copy letters get more attention from Ministerial Staff: PO Box 15185, City East Q 4002

Give it a go. A couple of seconds spent signing the e-petition alone will be of great benefit.

Yours in fine music,


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