Teaching Philosophy

What I teach

I teach a fun, motivating curriculum individually designed for each student. Curriculum elements are a combination of popular and widely successful methods such as Australian Music Education Board Syllabus and the Suzuki Talent Education Method.

Each piece is taught sequentially exploring relevant concepts, strategies and skills. Studies will also encompass cello technique, theory, aural training and musicianship.

I teach ALL ages. I believe students are “rarely too young and never too old” (Suzuki). I am prepared to work with families towards formal examinations upon request.

How I teach

With the introduction of new repertoire, students will be introduced to new concepts, strategies and skills. Each piece of repertoire is chosen strategically to build on previously acquired knowledge. This is known as a spiral curriculum.

To guarantee full understanding and accurate production of new repertoire and it’s accompanying concepts; strategies, and skills, students will be provided with relevant technical exercises, study of theory, history,  musicianship, and aural training.

This may seem a bit technical, perhaps a bit ‘heavy’ for young students and those who want to learn for recreation. I can assure you that it is my top priority to inject fun and excitement into each class. What is music if you can’t enjoy it?!

Why I teach the way that I do

Learning a musical instrument is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling pursuits a person can choose to take up. Through music we can learn to live and love, to express ourselves and to build character. I believe everybody should have the chance to learn.

 For these reasons I believe music lessons should be extremely fun and highly motivating. It is my personal goal that my students learning be thorough and rapid. After all, achievement is one of the best motivators of all!

“ Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart”

~ Shinishi Suzuki ~


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